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Home and Business owners are usually unaware on the fire risks and hazards around their home.

Davy Broadbent qualified electrical Contractor can advise you by inspecting your home or office electrical faults or potential electrical risks and hazards. Davy will advise you of the items that could be a concern and need attention.

Electrician Safety Check

What will be checked

  • Inspection of lights/switches
  • Inspection of power points / power outlets
  • Inspection and testing of smoke alarms / smoke detectors
  • Visual inspection of the switch board / electrical sub board
  • Visual inspection of the wiring of your home and switch board

Call Davy Broadbent Electrical Contractor if you have any concerns on your home or office electrical wiring. Or send me an email, I will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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Always Remember I put you and your family’s Safety First …..


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