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Electrician Davy Broadbent Explains about fallen power lines
Trees contacting power lines can pose a real threat to people and become an emergency unless extreme care is taken – particularly when cleaning up fallen trees near power lines following storms or other circumstances.
In extreme situations, people could be electrocuted or very seriously injured if they touch a tree branch that was in contact with a power line. It is important to realise that if power lines fall to the ground because of storms or any other circumstances they may continue to be live until properly dealt with by the electricity company.
You must stay away from fallen power lines

Authorities advise the following safety precautions must be followed when power lines fall to the ground:

  • Treat fallen power lines as energised and therefore dangerous
  • Immediately notify Western power on 13 13 15 of broken or damaged power lines
  • Keep an eye out and report fallen power lines in all areas, not just your own neighborhood, don’t just assume somebody else will report it. “what if everybody is thinking the same” Always report immediately.
  • On roads and public places, the police should also remain alerted in any emergency or life-threatening situation Call 000 and follow the prompts.
  • Stay clear of all fallen tree limbs and power lines, as well as anything they are touching such as water puddles, vehicles, metal fences and other objects that can conduct electricity
  • Keep other people away from fallen power lines
  • Be alert to the possibility that one or several tree limbs or debris may hide an electrical hazard
  • Watch for dangling power lines everywhere especially in storm-affected areas.

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